Dating someone with opposing political views speed dating for real people

However, as things progress (hopefully they will), politics is an area you need to check out in order to determine compatibility. Discussing what is happening in the world politically is different than discussing your personal values. As we share vulnerable details and they are handled with respect, safety, and trust then we build intimacy. This issue isn't so much talking about politics but rather HOW we talk about politics.

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Politics used to be a relatively private subject, but its now being openly discussed amongst friends, family and even on dates.

Politics and religious views are usually the two subjects to avoid on first dates, but with politics being in the news what seems like every hour of every day across the world, its hard not to bring it up as a conversation starter!

I interviewed four top dating experts about discussing politics on dates and how to handle dating someone with differing political views.

“Don’t talk about religion, politics or money” so goes the old saying.

It’s unclear if that advice is meant for casual acquaintances, people who are in the early stages of dating or well, anyone, EVER.


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